List of terms and conditions of service:

The Client automatically agrees to these terms after paying for any service or replenishing the balance in the personal account.
Not knowing the rules does not absolve you from responsibility!

1.0.0 General rules of all hosting services

1.0.1 It is forbidden to engage in spam in any form (spam, spamvertising, etc.);

1.0.2 It is not allowed to place programs that can be used for unauthorized access;

1.0.3 It is prohibited to publish any materials that violate the copyright of their owner (this includes links to such sources or file sharing sites);

1.0.4 Publication of any pornographic materials is unacceptable (this includes links to such resources);

1.0.5 It is forbidden to use trafogenerating programs.

1.0.6 It is prohibited to post false information and deliberate misleading of site visitors (fake, etc.);

1.0.7 It is prohibited to publish any materials that contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and other countries.

1.0.8 Destructive actions of any kind are prohibited (running non-debugged, resource-intensive programs, which may adversely affect performance hosting in general, the spread of viruses, etc.);

1.1.0 Individual terms and conditions of some services

1.1.1 It is forbidden to run game servers, as well as other high-performance software on OpenVZ virtualization VDS servers.

1.1.2 The main purpose of the MINI tariff is a cheap system for learning and getting to know Linux, but it can also be used to accommodate non-demanding software resources, small sites, file storages, etc .

1.1.3 The free DNS hosting service is provided "as is", without technical support and other features available for paid services.

2.0 Rights and obligations of the parties!

2.1 The Client undertakes not to violate the generally accepted rules of conduct on the hosting.

2.2 Violation by the client of the generally accepted rules of conduct on the hosting may result in termination of the provision of hosting services.

2.3 The Client is obliged to pay for the services provided in a timely manner.

2.4 The Client has the right to provide those services that are available and paid for by him.

2.5 Late payment of services may result in the termination of hosting services, up to the irrevocable deletion of the account.

2.6 reserves the right to refuse to provide services or terminate the services provided to any client at its sole discretion unilaterally in order without explanation.

2.7 is not responsible for losses caused to anyone or anything by intentional or unintentional actions of the client

2.8 is not responsible for losses caused to customers through no fault of

2.9 is not responsible for losses caused by temporary unavailability of services on the client's hosting server related to technical issues problems (such as: server and software improvements, hacker attacks, datacenter problems, routing, etc.)

2.10 is not responsible for losses caused by force majeure.

2.11 does not guarantee 100% uptime, but strives for it.

2.12 does not compensate for any losses of the client under any circumstances, except in cases when the initiative to return or compensate proceeds from

2.13 These rules may be changed or supplemented unilaterally at any time without additional notice.

Below are the main responsibilities of technical support and the company as a whole

3.0 Technical support is required:

3.1 Ensure the operability of all website hosting services (Mail, Mysql, Apache, FTP), but is not required to configure the client's software to work.

3.2 Promptly solve all problems affecting the performance of all website hosting services (Mail, Mysql, Apache, FTP).

3.3 Provide uninterrupted access to the client's VDS servers and eliminate everything that prevents this in the shortest possible time.

3.4 In case of violation of the rules of use of the hosting, block the account with mandatory notification of the account owner.

3.5 Upon request, provide the client with all information related to the service.

4.0 Technical support is NOT required:

4.1 Install / Configure scripts for the client, which for some reason he cannot install on his own.

4.5 Configure the Web server to meet the individual needs of the client at the site hosting rates. (if you need individual settings, then VDS hosting is suitable for you).

4.6 Teach the client how to use server applications.

4.7 Restore the operation of websites or VDS servers, the failure of which was caused by negligence or lack of knowledge of the client. (but usually with polite treatment we meet the client halfway and perform the restoration, if technically possible)

4.8 Train the client to work with the VDS hosting operating system.

4.9 Provide technical support to third parties.

As practice shows, we never refuse a client and always try to help, even if it is not our responsibility.

5.0 Payment, refund:

5.1 does not refund funds after they are credited to accounts.

5.2 A refund is possible only if the paid service has not been provided in full (there are no declared features that are specified in the tariff plan the paid service).

5.3 The withdrawal is made exclusively to the accounts of YUMOPEU, QIWI, PayPal or to a bank card, while the commission* is paid in full at the expense of the client from the amount to be withdrawn.

6.0 Terms of removal of suspended services:

6.1 Orders for VDS hosting will be deleted 7 days after the end of the payment period, in case of no payment (it is possible to postpone the removal of the service upon receipt of such requests from the client via the ticket system, but not more than 21 days from the moment of disconnection of the service)

6.2 reserves the right to delete the stopped VDS server ahead of time, if automatic renewal is disabled for it.

6.4 reserves the right to delete orders on MINI tariffs earlier than the specified time, as well as orders that have been stopped for violation.

VDS/VPS servers are the best choice for various types of services: online stores, portals, the gaming industry, developers, investment projects, accounting, etc., since we use high-quality equipment.


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